VDF studio profiles:   HOLA Design  is a Polish  interior  design studio that rejects trends, aiming instead to give its clients "a chance to fulfil their own dreams of a new home". 


 The studio, which is best known for its domestic interiors, was founded in Warsaw in 2005 by Monika and Adam Bronikowski. Today, the pair head up a team of interior designers and architects in two offices with clients across Europe. 
 HOLA Design  has also established  Exterio , a branch of the studio that focuses specifically on architectural designs to offer clients more "comprehensive projects".

工作室以室内设计而闻名,由Monika和Adam Bronikowski于2005年在华沙创立。如今,这对搭档在两个办公室里领导着一个室内设计师和建筑师团队,客户遍布欧洲。
HOLA Design还成立了Exterio,专门致力于建筑设计,为客户提供更“全面的项目”。
The studio's overriding ambition is to cater to its clients' needs, which means it prioritises comfort over adhering to trends. HOLA Design says this makes the studio more creative and better at helping clients to "fulfil their own dreams". 
 "When presenting our projects on Facebook or Instagram, we often use two hashtags: #answertheneeds and #forceofdiversity," explained HOLA Design. "It communicates our thinking about design in a condensed form."

“当我们在Facebook或Instagram上展示我们的项目时,我们经常使用两个标签:#答案需求和#多样性的力量,”HOLA Design解释道。“它以一种浓缩的形式传达了我们对设计的思考。”
"Answering customer needs is the only guarantee of everyday comfort in using the interior that is created by our studio," added the studio. 
 "Secondly, the variety of styles in which we move – not closing in on one gives us a chance for creative development and at the same time give clients a chance to fulfil their own dreams of a new home," it continued. "Reflections on styles or trends have never been particularly close to us."

According to HOLA Design, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has proven the value of this ethos. As many people are having to spend more time in their homes, they are realising the importance of well-designed domestic spaces. 
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 "In recent months, the house has proved to be our last and safest fortress," it continued. "This clearly reminded us all why it is worth taking care of them as much as possible." 
 "With over a dozen years of knowledge and an experienced team, our studio is ready to respond to the changing needs of customers also in the form of remote cooperation."

HOLA Design's best-known projects are its overhauls of houses and apartments, seven of which have received prizes at  European Property Awards  in recent years. 
 This includes a home interior called Family Space, whose deliberately restrained colour palette is enlivened by furnishings, textures and light. 

HOLADesign最著名的项目是对住宅和公寓的大修,其中有七个项目近年来获得了欧洲房地产奖(European Property Awards)的奖项。
 Its most unusual project is its gabled  Mountain Cottage in southern Poland,  referred to by the studio as "contextual architecture". 
 HOLA Studio designed the 160-square-metre retreat to complement its setting on the shores of the artificial Lake Czorsztyn, and incorporated big windows to capture the views of two medieval castles nearby. 
 Studio:  HOLA Design Website:   hola-design.pl Contact address:   monika.bronikowska@hola-design.pl